Beachside Dental: “Best Dental Practice-Mornington Peninsula 2016" - Beachside Dental Clinic

Beachside Dental: “Best Dental Practice-Mornington Peninsula 2016"

Global Health & Pharma (GHP) is a global information sharing platform with a multi-disciplinary member’s community. GHP was established to enhance communication networks and collaboration across; Human, Animal and Environmental Health, organizations. These highly competitive industries are immersed with talent, harboring dedication and originality; as such, every field has its leaders.

Being that the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is so diverse; it makes it challenging to recognise those individuals striving to deliver excellence in their field. Nonetheless, GHP is always on the hunt and determined to uncover these leaders, and this year, Beachside Complete Dental Care is one of them!

The 2016 Global health and pharmaceutical awards searched for individuals, departments and organizations, working diligently throughout their industry to choose winners, and excitedly, we were named “Best Dental Practice- Mornington Peninsula” 2016!

Why We Rock!

This global recognition showcases the people driving the success stories and we are extremely honored and humbled by this accomplishment. We submitted an essay detailing the art of Implant Dentistry and why our practitioners are the best in their field.

For example, our very own Dr. Le, who received accreditation through the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry (ASID), is leading by example. In Australia, there is no registrable specialty dedicated to dental implantology, so using our clinic’s state of the art dental equipment, Dr. Le has taken charge.

He is a supervisor and teacher, responsible for instructing Australian and international dentists to place implants and conduct oral surgery. He has traveled to Cambodia, Laos and the Dominican Republic spreading his wealth of knowledge, granting access to essential oral care which was otherwise unobtainable.

With the help of Dr. Le, Beachside Complete Dental Care is a leading innovator! We will strive to continue offering the best dental care for Frankston and the wider Peninsula area!