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Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Cracked tooth syndrome can at times be difficult to diagnose. As cracks that appear within the tooth do not always present themselves on a radiograph (Geurtsen, Schwarze and Günay, 2003). The dentist will collect a full history of the tooth’s pain, past treatment, and work to find the cause of potential habits that have led to a cracked tooth.

Cracked tooth syndrome is characterized by symptoms of sharp pain upon chewing or biting hard foods, and the tooth may become sensitive to hot and cold temperatures when eating and drinking (Geurtsen, Schwarze and Günay, 2003).

The causes for cracked tooth syndrome are not always known, however the list provided are some of the commonly known causes (Banerji, Mehta and Millar, 2010) ;

  • Grinding and clenching can put excessive pressure on a tooth
  • Eating hard foods (like boiled lollies or chewing on chicken bones) or chewing hard objects like a pen
  • Decay that has weakened the tooth or spread towards the nerve of the tooth
  • Brittle teeth that have had root canal treatment and is weakened against hard pressures
  • Teeth that have large restorations leave the perimeter tooth structure weakened

The treatment required ranges dependent on the severity of the crack extension, and position. You can take a look at our range of dental services that we offer including cosmetic dentistry and dental surgery.

Ideally, we focus on prevention (Geurtsen, Schwarze and Günay, 2003), through eliminating risk factors that can cause crack tooth syndrome. We work with our patients to help identify and eradicate parafunctional habits to reduce risk. However unfortunately cracked tooth syndrome cannot always be prevented, if addressed early the treatment outcome and prognosis of the tooth may be improved.

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