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Dental cleaning for sensitive teeth

There are numerous instruments and methods dentists use for cleaning plaque off teeth, but if you suffer tooth or gum sensitivity, some of the methods might leave you cringing at the thought of your next dental check up.

You’ve probably experienced different types of dental cleaning instruments, including vibrating ultrasonic instruments, used to remove plaque deposits (dental biofilm), and rubber cups and brushes to assist with stain removal. The problem with these instruments is they come with sensations that are unpleasant for some. The vibrations can be uncomfortable for people with sensitive teeth or gums, and the feeling of rubber can leave some with an unpleasant feeling in their mouth.

Up until now, there hasn’t been much in the way of sensitive teeth treatments available, but that’s changed with new EMS AirFlow ® cleaning technology.

What is airflow dental and how does it work?

For those prone to sensitive teeth, the EMS AirFlow ® is a great addition to your routine dental hygiene visit at Beachside Complete Dental Care.

Using a combination of air, warm water and an ultrafine powder, EMS AirFlow ® works to remove stains, plaque, and that tough calculus that builds up on the teeth over time (and is hard to clean at home, even if you maintain very good oral hygiene practices).

Other benefits are that EMS AirFlow ® is gentle enough to also be used as a denture cleaning and braces cleaning tool, and also provides a light-touch cleaning method for dental implants, which risk being damaged or lost with standard dental cleans.

How do I know if EMS AirFlow is right for me?

The first question to ask is, do you experience a high level of discomfort during dental cleaning? If you do, you need a suitable tooth sensitivity treatment, and that’s where AirFlow is a great option.

Our dentists and hygienists at Beachside Complete Dental care and Dental Implant centre will complete a comprehensive dental assessment to ensure we identify any issues that need to be addressed with your teeth and gums.

After this assessment, if suitable, we commence cleaning and polishing your teeth using the EMS AirFlow ® instruments.

You should feel a light sensation as we work to remove plaque and calculus. This will feel much gentler than dental cleans you’ve experienced in the past, and there’ll be no uncomfortable scraping. We also use a fine powder to remove stains, if present.

If you are curious to see a demonstration of the EMS AirFlow ®, have a look at this YouTube video comparing standard dental cleaning to the AirFlow.

After that, the AirFlow work is done! We do a final check for plaque and calculus and apply protective fluoride to your teeth.

Beachside Complete Dental care and Dental Implant centre is excited about the difference EMS AirFlow ® technology will make for our dentist anxious clients. Contact us today to for a chat about this new sensitive teeth cleaning method, and see if it’s right for you.