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Different Teeth And Their Importance

Have you ever wondered how many teeth we have and why we have them? Here, we discuss the importance of the different teeth. Each tooth in your mouth has its very own special function and importance. Different teeth are used for different purposes when eating thus aiding in your digestion. They are used for speech and help to form the structure of your mouth, creating your beautiful smile.

Full adult dentition consists of 28 teeth or 32 teeth if you have wisdom teeth. Full primary dentition (baby teeth) consists of 20 teeth.

The four types of teeth:

Incisors: The four upper front teeth in the upper and lower jaw are called incisors. Their main function is to cut/bite food. They have a single root and a sharp edge. There are also eight incisors in primary dentition.

Canines (Cuspid): Located behind and adjacent to your incisors, canines are sometime referred to as ‘eye teeth’. Canines are important to help you tear food. They have a single root with a pointy cusp and have the longest root of any tooth in your mouth. They also form the corners of the mouth. Children with primary dentition will also have four canines.

Premolars: Consisting of 8 teeth, two in each quadrant of your mouth – four uppers and four lowers, premolars are located behind and adjacent to the canines. Premolars main function is to crush, chew and grind food. Premolars have two roots and two to four cusps. There are no premolars in primary teeth.

Molars: The most posterior of all teeth in your mouth, molars have flatter and broader surfaces than the other teeth in your mouth with four to five cusps. They are designed to crush, chew and grind food. Full adult dentition consists of 12 molars, three in each quadrant and they are named starting with closest to the midline as first molars, second molars and third molars. Third molars are often referred to as ‘wisdom teeth’ and many people often have these removed. For primary dentition, there are only eight molars.

It is essential to take time to care for your teeth, just like other parts of your body. For optimal health brush regularly, eat well and visit your friendly Frankston dental team! Here at Beachside Complete Dental Care, we offer a range of different dental treatments, as well as cosmetic dentistry and dental surgery. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help your smile!

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