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Don’t live in fear of the dentist

I think it’s safe to say that deep down nobody actually enjoys going to the dentist. But! It is a necessary part of your health regime and shouldn’t be forgotten.

While this dismay is usually pushed down and overcome by most people, for some it can result in dental anxiety. Often resulting from past traumatic dental experience, some patients will feel an overwhelming sense of fear, stress or anxiety in dental settings. Dentists have actually been cited as a common cause of anxiety and can affect people of all ages.

Unfortunately, dental anxiety can result in patients avoiding trips to the dentist. This can result in a worsening of ones oral and physical health if any dental diseases go undiagnosed and remain untreated. Dental treatment will be delayed and patients could end up in a worse condition, requiring even more complex treatment or even ending up in the emergency room.  

Avoiding the dentist is definitely a no-no so if you are someone who feels anxious at the dentist in any capacity, have a read at our suggestions to ease your next visit below.


Though we are dental experts, mental experts we are not. Don’t be afraid to discuss your fears or concerns with the team at Beachside Dental. Talking to them will open the gateway to finding the best solution for you. If your dentists aren’t aware of how you feel they won’t be able to assist you to the best of their abilities. Ask what you can expect as a patient for each procedure and discuss the options available to you.


For some, a simple distraction can be enough to reduce their dental anxiety. Sometimes the sound of the drill can be a large cause of stress for patients. Listening to your own music and focusing on something other can the dental setting will help reduce and anxiety and fear. For extra comfort this distraction could be paired with local anesthesia to numb any pain as well.

Pain Control

For others, pain associated to dentists will turn them off visiting and stimulate stress. However, there’s always solutions to the issue. Feel free to discuss with your Beachside Dental experts which solution might work for you during a procedure. Sleep dentistry, or sedation, could be the best option for some, while others prefer local anesthesia. At Beachside Complete Dental Care we use Penthrox which is very similar to Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas). Penthrox is inhaled and is a strong pain reliever for anxious patients.

Clinical Hypnosis

Forget the hokey pokey feeling associated with the word ‘hypnosis’. The goal of clinical hypnosis is to actually help you reach a great state of relaxation, similar to that of meditation. One of our dental experts at Beachside Dental, Nicole, has recently become a qualified hypnosis practitioner and is recognized by the American Board of Hypnosis (ABH). Additionally, she’s a qualified Reiki practitioner, recognized with the International Association of Reiki and Reiki Practitioners.

Don’t let your fear get the better of you and make sure you maintain your oral health and visit the dentist regularly! The last thing we want is for our patients to be in more pain than necessary. Please talk to us about any concerns or fears of yours so we can work on a solution together.