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Expert complete mouth care at Beachside Complete Dental Care

You should never underestimate the effect that problems with your dental and general mouth health can have on the overall health of your body. Infections can spread and the best way to stop this from happening is to prevent them from starting in the first place, with effective infection control. There is far more involved with looking after your teeth than just brushing, you need to make sure that your home infection control, and that of your dentist, is efficient and effective. This can help protect you against problems such as cold sores and tooth abscesses. There is even a chance that poor dental health can increase your risk of developing oral cancer, so you can see the importance of controlling infections.

Beachside Complete Dental Care prides itself in providing an expert dental care service in Frankton. We’re going to talk about what you can expect from our premium infection control Although, it’s not common, we’re also going to look at when problems in your mouth may be related to oral cancer, and when your chances of becoming a sufferer could be higher.

What does infection control at the dental clinic look like?

As respected dental professionals who provide a range of dental treatments we know how important it is to be respectful of our patient’s health. We are also required by law to follow the Dental Board of Australia’s policies and guidelines. This means that we have both a moral and a legal obligation to make sure all of our procedures are sterile and hygienic. Some of the guidelines we have to follow are:

  • Undertaking hand hygiene on a regular basis.
  • Using personal protection such as gloves, masks and goggles at all times during treatment.
  • Correctly handling waste products that are contaminated.
  • Handling sharp instruments in the appropriate manner.
  • Processing reusable instruments correctly.
  • Effectively cleaning the treatment area.
  • Applying correct respiratory hygiene and cough procedures.
  • Using non-touch techniques where appropriate.
  • Handling using lined as directed.
  • Using barriers to cover surfaces to maintain hygiene.

We know that when you come to us for treatment you are trusting us with your health and safety. We also know that as licensed professionals we have to abide by the regulations that the Dental Board of Australia puts in place to protect patient safety. At Beachside Complete Dental Care we don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to infection control. We follow strict processes that help to protect all of our patients.

What does dental health have to do with oral cancer?

We have shown the importance we give to the oral health of all out patients, now we want to take a look at how dental health relates to oral cancer. Let’s start by saying that oral cancer has much the same level of occurrence in Australia as it does in other developed countries; this is approximately a 1 in 90 chance for men and a 1 in 200 chance for women.

It’s important to note that by far the highest risk factors for oral cancer are tobacco (chewed or smoked) and alcohol. It’s estimated that around 90% of sufferers have regularly smoked or chewed tobacco in their lives. That does not mean you cannot be affected by oral cancer if you do not partake of tobacco or alcohol. Some research has suggested that tooth decay can increase the risk of you developing this form of cancer, so it’s important to sustain a healthy mouth care routine.

The symptoms of oral cancer vary, but some of the signs to look out for are:

  • New sores, or thick patches, in or around the mouth.
  • Red or white lesions in the mouth and lip areas.
  • The feeling of having something stuck in the throat.
  • Unexplained soreness or numbness anywhere in the mouth.
  • Problems with moving the jaw to swallow or chew.
  • A sore throat or hoarse voice that does not go away.

If you have any concerns about oral cancer it’s always best to get checked out, just to be on the safe side.

You can see how important it is to keep your mouth healthy. This is not just about cleaning at home; it’s about regular visits to a registered and clinic. Of course, we are always ready to play our part during very patient visit to our clinic.