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Get cash back and your teeth whitened in one go!

I think it’s safe to say most of us enjoy tea and coffee on the regular, even a nice glass of red after a long day. While you might see these as small saviours throughout the day, drinks like these, as well as smoking, are common causes for stained yellow teeth.

Promo Time!

Summer is just around the corner and the team at Philips and Beachside Dental want you to radiate when you smile. To get you smiling wider and brighter, Philips is offering patients $50 cash back on their Zoom whitening treatments until February 28, 2019. All you have to do is book an appointment with us! After the whitening session, we’ll provide patients with a unique promotion code. You will then need to jump online with the code to receive your $50 cash back from Philips, pretty straightforward!

What’s Zoom Whitening?

No need to be afraid of something new, the dental experts at Beachside Complete Dental Care will ensure successful results and complete safety. Patients will be screened during an initial appointment with our hygiene department to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy for the procedure. During the actual whitening process, your dentist will spread Zoom gel across your teeth and use a Zoom lamp specially designed to activate the process. This gel and light combination penetrates your teeth to break up any stains and discolouration. The entire process is pretty short and guaranteed to be faster than at home or over the counter remedies. To help you keep up results we’ll provide you with a unique maintenance kit that has been moulded using impressions of your pearly whites.

Don’t let this offer slide by.

Take advantage of our promo this summer! Yes, there are various natural or over the counter teeth whitening methods but the best results will always be seen at the dentist. Our team of dental experts will ensure your stained whites will transform into pearly brights in a fast, effective and safe environment. Not to mention the longer lasting results you’ll see! We’ll protect your gums and whiten the shades according to your preference.

Don’t hide your pearly whites these holidays, book in with us ASAP!

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