Award-Winning Dental Services | Beachside Dental

It’s official, our patient service is worth awarding!

The month passed has been a busy one for your favourite dentists!

Recently the team at Beachside Dental were awarded the Patient Service Award 2018 by WhatClinic. The site was born in 2006 when its founder, Caelen King, discovered a common issue when he needed dental services in South East Asia and back home in Dublin. There was a lack of sources to provide customers with a list of trusted, good clinics and facts like their location, service, pricing and feedback. The goal was to provide people with access to all the information they require to make an informed decision. And how far they’ve come! becoming a leading medical search engine around the world and helping over 15.7 million people find trusted medical and health services every year.

Bestowed to only a select few clinics around the world, winners must meet the WhatClinic standards by providing unfaltering efficiency. Receiving this award was truly an honour for everyone at Beachside Dental!

But, the excitement was not over.

Your team at Beachside Dental were also finalists for the 2018 Peninsula Business Awards in the Health Practitioner category.

The Awards received 700 applicants, each of which submitted a report that was then judged by a panel. The panel included three judges that were all leaders in their own fields of business. The expert judges were also not based in Peninsula to eliminate any bias and ensure they would be impartial to local businesses.

To become a finalist, the report submitted must have received a 100 point score. This left around 135 companies left in the Health Practitioner section. Your team at Beachside Dental managed to get down to the top 4 finalists. We went to the gala in early May at Mornington Racecourse to receive the official plaque and certificate.

While we may not have won the Peninsula Business Awards this year, our eyes are definitely on the prize for next year.

The customer experience you receive at Beachside Dental is extremely important to us. Receiving the Patient Service Award and reaching the top 4 for the Peninsula Business Awards reflects the passion we dedicate to providing the highest quality of services to our loyal customers. We hope you appreciate our services as much as WhatClinic and the Peninsula Business Awards!

If you are looking for award-winning dental services, look no further and contact us now!