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Protect your Game Face with a Custom Mouthguard

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Footy, Rugby, Soccer, Cricket, do I have your attention now?

Winter is coming and I’m sure all of you sports lovers out there are just itching to participate. However fun and exciting playing sports may be, it’s not without its dangers. It is necessary for children and adults alike to protect their teeth.  

Dangers to children and adults

The National Youth Sports Foundation for Safety reports that dental injuries are the most common type of injury sustained during sports participation. Unfortunately, those that choose not to wear a protective mouthguard are 60 times more likely to sustain damage to the teeth, often times, resulting in permanent damage to oral structures which can lead to painful and costly dental surgery. Sustaining a hard hit can also lead to concussions, which believe it or not, mouthguards also protect against.

Consider this

While the same is true for the adults as is the children, you have a few other things to consider.  

Ladies, on one hand, participating in sports keeps your figure looking nice, and fellas, you know the ladies love an athletic man, but that makes no difference if after making that winning goal, you flash your best smile and your central and lateral incisors are missing! Not only will that make smiling awkward, but it also affects your speech and eating habits.   

The most common injuries:

Fracture- root fracture and broken or chipped teeth

Avulsion- entire tooth, including the root knocked out

Luxation- tooth in socket, but in wrong position

These painful injuries are easily prevented with a properly fitted, custom mouthguard.

Here at Beachside Complete Dental Care, your health and wellbeing are important to us

Is it possible to purchase a standard mouth guard online or at a local store? Yes,  but it doesn’t offer the same protection as one made specifically for your mouth. Thus we offer great deals on custom guards designed specifically to suite your unique mouth.   

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