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Sugar and Your Teeth

Sweet but Deadly: The negative effects of sugar and your overall health

Let’s face it; we all LOVE sugar. We put it in everything from our coffee to our cereal, not to mention the millions of products on the market that are already filled with it. For example that sweet, sweet taste of an ice cold Coke! The downside to this deliciousness is that it adds little to no nutritional value to your diet. It can also be detrimental to your health, and your teeth.

However, the thought of giving sugar up completely is absurd right? If you consider all of the negative effects it has on your body and your pearly whites, you may be convinced to make some positive changes to you and your family’s diet.

Negative Effects of Sugar on Health

Along with the well known negative effects on health – such as obesity, heart disease – and its harmful effects on your teeth, sugar can also become highly addictive as it triggers the release of dopamine in your brain.

Negative Effects of Sugar on Teeth

Dental disease is common in Australia, but it is largely preventable. Good nutrition and eating habits play a key role in keeping your teeth healthy. Consuming excess sugar creates bacteria in your mouth which feed on sugar, creating acid that also destroys tooth enamel, create cavities, bacterial infections, gum disease and even cause bad breath. Fun right?

Kids and Soda

One of the most common ways to consume excess sugar is through soft drinks such as Coke. It is often the go-to choice for kids, but soda is one of the worst drinks for you or your child’s teeth! You may floss and brush your teeth regularly but this, in fact, can reverse any good dental routines you may have.

After just one sip, the sugar latches onto your teeth while producing acid which in turn eats away at your enamel making them thinner and weaker. The weakened enamel leads to painful cavities over time.

Steps to Prevention

Good flossing and brushing habits paired with regular dental checkups are key in maintaining a healthy mouth. Additionally, consuming less sugar in your daily diet can be extremely beneficial. There are tons of delicious sugar free recipes out there, and you’ll be surprised how much your family will love them! You’ll feel 1000% better, and might just save some money on medical bills down the track.