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What to do if baby teeth are not falling out?

As parents we are always trying to expand our knowledge in nutrition, playing and learning activities and many other areas of our lives, to best help facilitate and support a healthy lifestyle for our growing kids. We often find that the best ideas and conversations happen at mothers’ group, or when waiting for that bell to ring at school pick up. These casual catch ups’ can be so insightful and helpful, but at times leave us worrying about certain aspects of our child’s growth and development. We can sometimes unexpectedly fall into the comparison trap without even being aware!!

Every child is different!!! I bet you have heard that before, but this is indeed the case when it come to your child’s tooth development and care ☺

One Children’s Dentistry question that we often get asked by parents is why their child’s teeth have not fallen out yet, when all their friend’s teeth have already started being lost. Just wanted to explain in a nutshell why this may be the case and why the visit from the tooth fairy may be a little later than expected. Although it is often difficult to diagnose the causes without Examination, we commonly see them to be related to genetics, anatomy, and eruption paths, local or systemic factors.

This chart helps to understand the general ages in which we expect to see teeth erupting and exfoliating, but of course can and does vary.

It is a great idea to book your child in for a dental examination so we can help diagnose and help prevent any factors that can contribute to delayed tooth exfoliation and eruption, amongst any other oral conditions, as well as to elevate any concerns and answer any questions you may have.

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