How We Reduce Our Environmental Impact | Beachside Dental

What We Do To Reduce Our Environmental Impact

In Australia, we are consuming more than three times our fair share of the planet’s natural resources. At Beachside Complete Dental Care and Dental Implant Centre we are making a conscious effort to reduce the eco-footprint:

  • Using biodegradable plastic cups.
  • Use of digital X-Rays so there are no harmful chemicals.
  • Electricity is shut off when surgery is not in use.
  • Skylights throughout the building.
  • LED lighting and TV which consumes less energy.
  • Using stainless steel instruments where possible to reduce disposable instruments.
  • Avoid standby after hours, all devices and electricity are completely shut down due to a central electricity shut down mode.
  • Steam Sterilisation: our class b autoclave reaches a temperature of 135 degrees and hold this temperature for 4 minutes. This method of sterilisation allows us to avoid using harsh chemicals and meets all requirements and quality lines of the Australian Dental Association.
  • We don’t use amalgam as it is metallic and contains mercury. By not using this material we are preventing this going back into our environment.
  • Being keen recyclers.
  • We have contracted a commercial waste disposal company to manage waste that is not biodegradable so it reduces the impact on our environment.
  • Using 100% recycled paper where paperless is not an option, you can help by opting out of a receipt.
  • Water conservation during and between procedures.

For more information or to give us your own advise and tips to reduce our eco-footprint, please call our friendly staff on (03) 9781 3633.