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Cosmetic Dentistry

Modern advancements in cosmetic dentistry mean that even small aesthetic changes to your teeth can dramatically enhance your smile!

Teeth Whitening

Under the close supervision of a dental professional, whitening is safe, effective and fast process. Zoom Chairside Whitening is our system of choice for a whiter, brighter smile for our patients.

General Orthodontics

If you’d like a straighter smile and an aligned bite, the Beachside Dental orthodontic options may be suitable for you. Orthodontics not only help you achieve the perfect smile, but they maintain healthy teeth and gums, by limiting crowding and overlapping teeth. Talk to our Orthodontist to find out your options.


A virtually invisible treatment, the Invisalign System uses an innovative approach to effectively straighten your teeth. Invisalign uses our unique SMARTForce Technology to create a series of custom-made removable trays for you and only you.


Veneers are used regularly to improve a person’s smile that may consist of crooked, cracked or chipped teeth, gaps, discoloration, and enamel defects.

Smile Rejuvenation

A beautiful smile really leaves a lasting impression and that’s why aesthetic smile rejuvenation (also known as a smile makeover) can transform your new smile to natural and beautiful one.