Treatments for Dental Phobia or Anxiety in Frankston | Sedation dentistry

Solution for Dental Phobia or Dental Anxiety in Frankston

What is it?

Have you ever endured the hideous pain of a terrible toothache to avoid the fear you feel when going to the dentist? Does the image of having a simple treatment in the chair make your body tense up from finger to toe?
If your answer to either of these questions was yes, you’re suffering from dental phobia. A surprisingly common affliction, dental phobia often makes people avoid routine check ups and treatment, which can lead to the development of problems with complex treatment needs.

What causes dental phobia?

To a large extent, dental phobia is learned. Young children can learn this anxiety from their parents or from a single bad experience. While some dental phobics will be fearful of the pain a visit to the dentist can bring, others can’t stand the loss of control being in the chair brings, or feel embarrassed at having a stranger in such a personal area.

What treatments are available to prevent dental anxiety?

Here at Beachside Dental Clinic we offer Sleep Sedation Dentistry (also commonly known as Dental Sedation, Sleep Sedation, and Sedation Dentistry) to induce sleep, consequently alleviating dental phobia and ensuring you are relaxed and comfortable.
Involving various levels of anaesthesia (usually reserved for more invasive treatments) as part of routine dental treatments, it reduces pain, awareness and recollection during dental procedures or oral surgery. Talk to us if any part of your dental treatment makes you nervous or anxious, and we can help decide whether Sleep Sedation is right for you.