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EMS AirFlow ® Technology

A new system for cleaning plaque off teeth.

EMS AirFlow ® is a sensitive teeth treatment that uses a combination of air, warm water and an ultrafine powder to gently remove stains, plaque and calculus that builds up on teeth over time.

It’s a good option for those who experience teeth and gum sensitivity, as it is very gentle and doesn’t involve scraping instruments or rubber caps, which can feel uncomfortable for sensitive patients.

EMS AirFlow ® can be used:

  • In pits and fissures
  • Beneath the gum (subgingival)
  • Between teeth (interdental)
  • Above cemento-enamel junction (where the enamel covering the tooth meets the root of the tooth)
  • On primary teeth
  • On exposed dentine (the bony tissue forming the bulk of a tooth)
  • On the tongue and palate
  • Around brackets (braces)
  • Around implants
  • Before bleaching
  • Before composite restorations
  • On restorations
  • On dentures

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Beachside Complete Dental Care is excited about the difference EMS AirFlow ® technology will make to our dental anxious clients during their check up. Contact us today for a chat about this new sensitive teeth cleaning method, and see if it’s right for you.