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PlanScan E4D Cad Cam system

An innovative digital photography machine which takes 3D images of your teeth in which your Frankston dentist will design your porcelain crown, bridge, onlay or veneer. This design is sent to our Planscan milling machine to create a perfectly fitting tooth.

Our experienced staff then hand polishes the crown prior to going into the final stages of the furnas. The Vita V-60 i-line furnas fires the crown at a maximum temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius.

This technology engineered in Germany provides the convenience of same day treatment whilst ensuring the long term aesthetics and comfort for our patients

Cone Beam Computed Tomography Scan (Cb/Ct scan)

A safe, low radiation imaging technology which creates three dimensional images of teeth, soft tissue, nerve pathways and bones as part of the dental treatments we are offering. Cb/Ct scans are commonly used for adult orthodontic issues, surgical planning and evaluation of the sensitive structures inside the facial cavity.

Orthopantomogram (OPG)

This scan gives a panoramic view of the jaw and teeth, and helps to view the positions of teeth that may not have surfaced yet. Also provides information on dental pain, TMJ joint dysfunction, trauma of the jaw or as part of a general cosmetic dentistry Frankston check up.

Patient getting scanned for dental pain using Orthopantomogram (OPG) machine at Beachside Dental clinic in Frankston

Lateral Cephalometic (Lat Ceph)

This scan provides a side view of the skull and jaw, which assists in orthodontic planning and evaluating issues such as bite.

NV Mircolaser

The NV Microlasr is a very effective and relatively painless procedure that requires no downtime in creating gum rejuvenation and even out gum height to achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile makeover. Our laser helps assist with root canal treatments, mouth ulcerations, pigmentation of the gum and periodontal concerns such as gum disease. With no scalpel, blade or sutures, the NV Microlaser isn’t invasive and is an alternative to traditional methods used in the dental surgery.

Digital radiographs

Our Frankston dental clinic provides digital radiographs – a form of x-ray – that are used as part of the general check-up process to help identify issues such as cavities, infections, impactions etc. Digital radiographs are both faster and safer than traditional x-ray technologies.

Digital Photography

Digital photography is an incredible tool for communicating with our patients, our labs, and more. With the use of our Cannon DSLR cameras we are adding them to our treatment planning process for before and after photographs from treatments such as whitening, cosmetic makeovers, orthodontics and much more.

EMS AirFlow®

EMS AirFlow ® uses a combination of air, warm water and an ultrafine powder to gently remove stains, plaque and tough calculus that builds up on teeth over time. It is a good option for those who experience teeth and gum sensitivity, and is gentle enough to be used for denture cleaning and during orthodontics. It also provides a light-touch cleaning method for dental implants, which risk being damaged during standard dental cleans.

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