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Dental care during pregnancy – do I still need to visit the dentist?

Dental Care During Pregnancy

Dental care will probably be one of the last things on your mind while you ride the physical and emotional roller coaster many women go through in pregnancy. Morning sickness, cravings and sleep deprivation will all seem like more pressing issues, but it is important to remember your dental hygiene through those 9 months. One of the key reasons for this is the hormonal changes women go through during pregnancy that can actually increase the likelihood of gum disease, which can affect your overall health and sometimes consequently the health of your unborn baby.

However, although going to check-ups is recommended throughout the 9 months, it is best to avoid dental treatments in the first and third trimesters of pregnancy due to the increased sensitivity of your baby in these periods. As these trimesters are critical to your baby’s development, treatment should only be carried out in emergencies. Be sure tell your dentist of your pregnancy and any medication or vitamins you are taking – they will then be able to make any necessary changes to your treatment plan.

A Healthy Diet

Incredibly, your baby’s teeth will begin to develop from just 3 months into pregnancy; it is vital to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, and include dairy products, cheese and yogurt, as these are good for bone, teeth and gum development. Avoiding sugary snacks may prove challenging if you’re struck by cravings, but doing so will lower the chances of developing unwanted and painful tooth decay during your pregnancy.

After The Birth Of Your Baby

After your child is born, you should ensure they visit the dentist before their second birthday for a full oral health assessment. Many new parents find it wise to book an appointment earlier in the day to prevent their child from being too tired, and arrive with a little extra time before the appointment to allow them to get familiar with their new surroundings.

You should also be careful not to neglect your own oral health after the delivery of your child, particularly if you have experienced gum problems during the pregnancy. A full evaluation of your mouth and periodontal health is strongly advised by experts.

Our Top Five Tips For Dental Care During Pregnancy:

  1. Keep up with your check-ups and make sure your dentist is aware you’re pregnant
  2. Stick to a healthy diet – avoid sugary snacks, dairy products will help your baby’s teeth develop
  3. Pay close attention to and take good care of your gums, they are at higher risk than usual
  4. If you suffer from morning sickness rinse afterwards with water or mouthwash and try switching to a bland toothpaste
  5. Book a full check up for yourself after delivery, and for your baby before their second birthday